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Establishing The Tree

This is a fairly simple visualisation exercise particularly useful for inexperienced students. It helps to increase visualisation skills whilst leading to stronger intuitive understanding of the spheres

Before beginning this exercise you should perform the The Qabalistic Cross and the The Middle Pillar, and you may also find it useful to perform some sort of relaxation exercise; a certain familiarity and proficiency with these exercises should be attained before moving on to establishing the tree as described below:

Tree of Life pendant
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Tree of Life pendant
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In this meditation you will try to hold a visualisation of the entire tree within your mind at once, thus establishing the tree more strongly within both your conscious and subconscious mind. At first you should concentrate on the visualisation itself, trying to concentrate fully on the task and trying to maintain as stable and vivid a visualisation as possible. As your visualisation skill improve the emphasis moves away from the actual visualisation and focusses on the meaning of that which you are visualising. Try to intuitively 'feel' the nature of each sphere, uniting all the disparate things you have learnt about its nature into a single perception. A certain amount of study regarding the nature and meaning of each of the spheres is therefore necessary before beginning this exercise (see The Tree of Life section).
Having completed the necessary preparations, as described above, focus your attention on the sphere of Kether, directly above your head and penetrating the crown. Intone the Divine Name of this sphere - Aheyeh - and imagine the sphere blazing with incandescent white light. Hold your attention on this sphere for at least 4 breaths.
Now move your attention to the left hand side of the head and intone the Divine Name of Chokmah - Yah - and imagine a bright sphere of grey light blazing into existence there. Hold your attention on this sphere for at least 4 breaths.
Move your attention across to the right hand side of your head and intone the Divine name of Binah - Yehovah Elohim - and imagine a black sphere blazing into existence there. Hold your attention on this sphere for at least for breaths.
Continue in this manner down through the whole tree:
Chesed has the Divine name Al or El Gedul and is visualised as a bright blue sphere at and around the left shoulder
Geburah has the Divine name Elohim Gebor and is visulaed as a bright Red sphere at the right shoulder
Tipareth has the Divine name Yehovah Aloa Ve Daath and is a Golden sphere in the centre of the chest.
Netzache has the Divine name Yehovah Tzabaoth and is a Jade Green sphere at the left hip
Hod has the Divine name Elohim Tzabaoth and is a bright Orange sphere at the right hip
Yesod has the Divine name Shaddai El Chai and is sphere of purple at the groin.
Malkuth has the Divine name Adnoai Ha Aretz and can be visulised as a sky blue sphere or as a sphere of the four colours of earth - Russet, Olive Green, Yellow and Black.

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